Wolf Point Historical Marker


Wolf Point 59201,Northeast Montana,Roosevelt County

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The Lewis and Clark Expedition passed here, westward bound in 1805. Fur trappers and traders followed a few years later. Steamboats began making it from St. Louis up the Missouri as far as Fort Benton in the early 1860s and this was considered the halfway point between Bismarck and Fort Benton. Wood choppers supplied cord wood for boats stopping to refuel. An American Fur Company packet burned and blew up in 1861 not far from here. A deck hand tapped a barrel of alcohol by candle light with a gimlet. The fumes, the candle, and 25 kegs of powder did the rest.

This district was favorite buffalo country for the Assiniboines and Sioux.

A party of trappers poisoned several hundred wolves one winter, hauled the frozen carcasses in, and stacked them until spring for skinning. It taught the varmints a lesson. No one in Wolf Point has been bothered by a wolf at the door since then.

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