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Park City 59063,Red Lodge Area

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Park City Location: Park City The town of Park City is located about seven miles east of here. In 1882, a colony from Ripon, Wisconsin, making the trip in the prairie schooners, settled in this region. It was to be their future home, so they planted trees and made what improvements they could to ultimately beautify the little city. A section of land was donated to them, and things started off in a prosperous pleasant manner. The railroad soon came through and established a station. The bare, sandstone bluffs north of town inspired the officials to christen the place Rimrock, but not so with the persons who had planted sprigs and started a city of trees. Bravely they clung to the name Park City, and Rimrock finally disappeared with the list of unused titles. This was unfortunate inasmuch as the general manager of the N.P. resented this stubbornness on the part of the homesteaders, and in retaliation, he changed the location of the proposed railroad yards and shops from this townsite to Laurel.

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