Chief Plenty Coups Statue Marker


Pryor Road,Red Lodge 59068,Red Lodge Area,Carbon County

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Location: Red Lodge

Plenty CoupsChief of the Crows

(Circa 1848-March 4, 1932)

The buffalo gone and freedom denied him, the Indians was visited by two equally hideous strangers, famine, and tuberculosis. He could cope with neither. His pride broken he felt himself an outcast, a beggar in his own country. It was now that Plenty Coups became the real leader of his people.

All my life I have tried to learn as the chickadee learns, by listening, profiting by the mistakes of others, that I may help my people. I hear the white man say there will be no more war. But this cannot be true. There will be other wars. Men have not changed, and whenever they quarrel they will fight, as they have always done. We love our country because it is beautiful because we were born here. Strangers will covet it and someday try to possess it, as surely as the sun will come tomorrow. Then there must be war unless we have grown to be cowards without love in our hearts for our native land. And whenever war comes between this country and another, your people will find my people pointing their guns at yours. If ever the hands of my people hold the rope that keeps this country's flag high in the air, it

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