Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Peace Memorial Garryowen Montana


 In 1868 the Crow Reservation lands were created.  Later the land was sold by the tribe and Federal Government to private citizens. In 1895 a tiny station was established by the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad on the Little Bighorn River. The station was named Garryowen after the marching song of the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment.  Garryowen is located on the Little Bighorn River in Big Horn County Montana. Sitting Bull's camp was located at the southernmost part of this private little town.  Battle of the Little Bighorn started here.  During the construction of an irrigation ditch, an unknown soldier's remains were discovered.  The Custer Memorial Association planned a memorial series with military honors for the Unknown Soldier.  The body was entombed in a monument in Garryowen.  Tomb of the Unkown Soldier and Peace Memorial are located in Garryowen.