Lodge Grass Montana

Lodge Grass

Lodge Grass is the first full-service gas stop on I-90, if you are heading from Wyoming, and is part of the Crow Indian Reservation. Located on the Little Bighorn River, Lodge Grass was named for Lodge Grass Creek that flows into the Little Bighorn. The Crows used this area as hunting grounds in the early days and they called the Creek "Greasy Grass" because of the rich grass that was said to make the animals fat. 

The words "grease" and "lodge" are very similar in the Crow language, and the name of the creek was interpreted as Lodge Grass instead of Greasy Grass by accident. The grazing lands here are still lush and widely used by ranchers.

A nice stop on your way through town is White Arm Park in town, and Willow Creek Reservoir, just southwest of town. Every 4th of July, Lodge Grass hosts the Valley of the Chiefs Celebration, a four-day event.


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