Belgrade Montana


In 1882, Thomas B. Quaw, an entrepreneur, located land along the newly surveyed Northern Pacific Railway about ten miles from Bozeman. He found this property greatly to his liking, and thus, the community had its beginning. At that time, many European financiers invested money to complete the Northern Pacific Line. As a complimentary notice of appreciation to the Serbian investors, this blindsiding was named Belgrade after the capital of Serbia.

From the turn of the century through the 1930s, Belgrade continued to expand, gaining businesses, professionals, and the trappings of an established community. However, speculation in the community slowed, the depression took its toll, and Belgrade settled into the quiet farming community it was to remain for some time.

During the 1990s, Belgrade has experienced significant growth due largely to the booming environment of Gallatin County. While it is now somewhat of a bedroom community of Bozeman, it maintains its own character as a community.

Partially reprinted from Belgrade Chamber of Commerce brochure.  Photo courtesy of

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