Garneill Montana


Named after an early rancher’s wife, Garnet Neill, this community began as a trading post in the late 1800s and the town’s first post office was established in 1899 under Edwin C. Hill’s direction. In 1903, the Central Montana Railroad brought more homesteaders to the area as the Ubet station was constructed. 

At this time, Garneill was separated into two locations: North Garneill (which is the town’s current location) and South Garneill, known for its pretentious citizens, fancy hotel, saloon, and stores. When local residents became unhappy with the railroad’s naming of the Ubet station, railroad officials agreed to change the station’s name to Garneill. Today, visitors can see the 2 1/2 ton granite rock forming the Ubet and Central Montana Pioneers Monument. This stone contains embedded Native American relics, petrified wood, ore, and the engraved names of many of Montana’s first pioneers.

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