Railroad train


Walter Burke operated a stage line in the late 1800s. He built a trading post and stage stop at this site for his Billings to Lewistown route. It was Burke’s job to establish stage stops, build corrals and barns for the horses, and lodging and dining (and drinking) facilities for the passengers and drivers. Of all he built, his favorite was the one on the south bank of the Musselshell River. He named it Lavina, after an old sweetheart. 

By 1883, a fleet of fine Concord stagecoaches was leaving Lavina headed toward Roundup, Billings, and Lewistown.

When the railroad came through town in the early 1900s, prosperity followed and many of the town’s buildings were built. The historic Adams Hotel was one of the first and still stands on Main Street. The town was nicknamed "White City," referring to all the buildings in the town painted white.


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