Charlie Russell Chew Choo Lewistown Montana

Charlie Russell Chew Choo

 This is one of the country’s premier dinner trains. People from all over the world come here to experience this truly unique adventure. The ride includes great scenery, wildlife viewing opportunities, live entertainment, and a great Western-style dinner you’ll be talking about years after your trip. The train has grown from two cars to five since its inception in 1994. There is one car used for food preparation and a bar area, three used for dining, and one containing a gift shop and modern restrooms.

The train crosses three 150 foot high trestles ranging in length from 1,300 to 1,900 feet. The train also passes through a half-mile-long tunnel en route. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see abundant wildlife along the route. The train passes through four railroad towns, three of which were built specifically by the railroad companies—Ware, Danvers, and Husac. And while you’re watching the scenery, keep your eyes out for outlaws who may be staking out a potential train job. The train turns around at Denton and dessert is served on the return trip.

An average of 184 people makes each trip. The train runs a regular schedule and does charters for groups and organizations. It’s a good idea to make reservations well in advance (at least two weeks). Reservations can be made by calling (406) 538-2527. The current cost (subject to change) is $75 which includes a prime rib dinner. There is a cash bar available on the train. 408 NE Main in Lewistown, (406) 538-5436.