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Columbia Falls

Columbia Falls, located at the north end of the Flathead Valley, is positioned as the western gateway to Glacier Park. It lies at the foot of Mount Columbia just two miles from the scenic Bad Rock Canyon. 

Don’t be fooled by the name; Columbia Falls had no falls when it was named. Columbia was the first choice for a name but when that name was already taken "Falls" was added. In 1997, a waterfall complete with a small park was finally built behind Glacier Bank at the heart of the? old? Columbia Falls.

The town was established in the 1890s and has one of the world’s largest aluminum extrusion plants, Columbia Falls Aluminum Company. The abundance of water and timber support this company as well as Plum Creek Timber Company. The two serve as the city’s major industries.

In sharp contrast to industry, recreation also abounds here. There are many magnificent areas within a short distance including Glacier National Park, the North Fork of the Flathead River, Hungry Horse Reservoir, as well as the Great Bear and Bob Marshall Wilderness. Nine water parks with recreational areas are located within a few miles. Beckoning the avid golfer is the 18-hole Meadow Lake Golf Course nestled between towering pines, rivers, and ponds. Horse rentals are available for special adventures into the wilderness.


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