Ferries Across the Missouri

Just when it look’s like you’ll never get to the other side of the Missouri, help is on its way. Catch a ferry at three different locations along Hwy.. 87. The state owned ferries are free, but tips sure help keep the operators happy. The ferries make about 6 trips a day during the summer. It’s not for those travelers that are in a rush, but you’ll get there safely and enjoy a unique experience in the process.

The ferries are best suited for an average size car or maybe two. They each run on two cables, one for power, and one to keep them from floating downstream. Your RV will make the trip and crossing at Virgelle and Carte.r, but the road to the landing at McClelland is probably too steep and rough to bother trying.

Carter is 20 miles northeast of Great Falls off Hwy. 87, 734-5335. Virgelle is 30 miles northeast of Fort Benton on Hwy. 87, 378-3194. The McClelland ferry is 45 miles north of Lewistown on Rd. 300, 462-5513.