Northern Pacific Lombard Montana


This railroad town sat at the crossroads of the Northern Pacific and the Milwaukee railroads. For years, the only access to the town was by rail as there were no automobile roads to the community. It is the namesake of A.G. Lombard who was the chief engineer of the Montana Railroad during its construction. 

The town was originally known as Castle Junction and was dominated by the “Jaw Bone” Railroad. In the 1890s, the town had a Chinese mayor named Billy Kee. A man-about-town, he built the famous two-story High Point Inn. The hotel served good meals and featured a bathroom with hot and cold running water. Kee was known as a “flexible” proprietor. When he retired at night, he would leave the light on for any latecomers and the cash register open. The guests would scrawl their names in the register, put their money in the till, and take a key to a room.

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