Evaro Montana Map


There are conflicting stories of how this town got its name. Some say it was named after a French count who journeyed through here in the early days. Certainly, the most colorful story is that of a young bride named Eva Roe. 

In the days when trains pulled by steam engines moved most of the lumber, it took two engines to pull the loads up the steep hill near the town. It was a busy place and one where men significantly outnumbered women. Mail order brides were very popular, and one, in particular, stole the hearts of the locals. She was a beautiful young girl who, upon her arrival, insisted on a trial engagement. She and her fiance fell madly in love immediately and the whole town watched with a heavy sigh as romance bloomed between the young couple. One day as she visited her beau at the lumber docks, a worker yelled: “LOOK OUT!” As she rounded the bend, a pile of logs fell on her and crushed her to death. The townsfolk, as a show of love for the young woman, renamed the town Evaro.

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