90 mph road sign Montana

Speed Limit 90 Miles An Hour

The following item appeared in the August 15, 1913 edition of The Plentywood Herald:

"Speed Limit 90 Miles an Hour"

The above sign is the first thing that greets the eye of every visitor coming to Fairview from any direction.

The sign has caused no end of comment, the remarks of an auto touring party last Friday were typical of many.

“That’s sure going some! Then we stopped to read the sign again and decided that the town with no speed limit must have some ‘live wires’ in it. So, here we are to look her over. Ain’t she a dandy? Never saw so much building going on before at one time, and [the] town is growing! It’s no wonder you took off the speed limit on autos and everything else.” —Fairview Times

She sure is a dandy as a representative of the Herald and J.W. McKee autoed down there last Sunday. A $30,000 hotel and a $15,000 theater is in the course of construction, to say nothing of the other business places and private homes that are being built.

Chas. Johnson, the genial lumber man told us, while his good wife fed us on fried spring chicken and other good things, of their enthusiastic commercial club and how hard it was to keep a stock of lumber on hand as the demand was so great.

Reprinted with permission from the “Outlaw News”, a publication of Missouri River Country.

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