Plentywood Gulches Montana

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The paved highways and gravel backroads of this part of the state are passable in all but the worst weather. However, many of the less-traveled backroads are impassable when wet. In some places, the back roads roll with the terrain like a roller coaster. Fun for the kids. The roads here are narrower and the local population is not used to seeing many cars on them. You may very well come over a rise and find yourself head-on with a local’s pick-up truck. Stay far to the right and drive at a prudent speed that allows you time to react. Follow the same rule on blind curves.

It’s a good idea to carry plenty of water with you. Stops are far between, and on the backroads, services are nonexistent. The dry Montana air can quickly dehydrate you.

For the sheer beauty of it, May through July is the best time to travel through here. The grasses and wheat fields are green and stretch forever, a paintbox of wildflowers blanket the countryside, cloud patterns accent the endless sky, and the sunsets last forever. As the summer matures, the landscape turns to gold. In the fall the colors return as the low-lying shrubbery turns red and the cottonwoods turn orange.

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