Four Buttes Montana

Four Buttes

A town that got its name from, where else, the four unique buttes that stand on the prairie west of the town. Known as “Whiskey Buttes” in days past because they were a frequent rendezvous point for whiskey traders and Indians. Like so many towns in Montana, 

Four Buttes began in 1926 when the Great Northern Railroad was extended from Scobey. That same year a grain elevator was constructed with a capacity of 35,000 bushels. The original elevator burned in 1944 but was replaced by the one that stands there today. Until 1967, Four Butte's children attended a one-room schoolhouse. The children now are bussed to Scobey. The bar and dance hall building constructed in 1942 still stands as the Whiskey Buttes Supper Club.

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