Plentywood Gulches Montana

Kid Trailor Arrested

(The following is an item from the front page of The Plentywood Herald Friday, July 11, 1913)

Kid Trailor Arrested

Kid Trailor was arrested at or near Froid and brought up to Plentywood where he was taken before Judge Bolster and placed under heavy bonds to appear on the 15th.

Some of his friends came up and signed his bond. They claim that the Kid has been leading a quiet life trying to overcome a bad reputation for horse stealing and that in this case he has been wrongly accused. It will be up to him and his friends to prove this.

(A similar item appeared in The Sheridan County News on the same date.)

Kid Trailor Made Us A Visit

Kid Trailor, thief, horse rustler, general tramp, and gunman, of whom it is claimed wouldn’t harm a chicken, spent a few hours in the city Tuesday the guest of Sheriff “Jack” Bennett. It seems that Trailor was rounded up in the vicinity of Froid by one Cy Matthews, a rancher, and was taken into Froid at the point of a gun Monday evening, where he remained overnight and on Tuesday was brought to the county seat. After arriving here and being lodged in jail it was found that there was no one to appear or make a complaint against the so-called bad man, hence the officers having nothing to hold Trailor for he was released and that evening wended his way for other parts.

Reprinted with permission from the “Outlaw News”, a publication of Missouri River Country.