Kootenai National Forest Montana

Kootenai National Forest

Libby is in the heart of the forest. US ˙Hwy. 2 is the primary travel route bisecting the forest. Access into the Forest is available from U.S. Highways 2 and 93, and State Highways 37, 56, 200, and 508.

Located in the extreme northwest corner of Montana, bordered on the north by Canada and on the west by Idaho, lies the Kootenai National Forest. Of the total 2.2 million acres, 50,384 are in the State of Idaho. Mountainous, rugged terrain runs north/south through the center of the Forest. High mountain peaks, notably Snowshoe, A Peak, and others ranging from 7,618 feet to 8,738 feet, provide a scenic backdrop for Libby and the surrounding area. More than 20 trails leading into the Wilderness give access to dozens of small lakes, ridgetop panoramas, and alpine meadows.