Absaroka Beartooth Mountain Range


You would think that this tiny town's name somehow relates to its proximity to some of the finest fishing in Montana. Some of the residents there say that a local mountain formation that looks like a fishtail had something to do with the name. 

There is even a Fishtail River nearby. In truth, this little community located about 25 miles southwest of Columbus, was named for a Mr. Fishtail who resided in the area at the end of the 19th century. In about 1901 the town became official when a post office was established to service the surrounding Fiddler, Fishtail, and Rock Creek area. Stressley Tunnell established a store at the time which was later purchased by the Columbus Mercantile in 1908. The store is still in operation today. The town sits in the foothills and the shadow of the Absaroka Mountain range. Today the town is only one block long but manages to muster up a two-mile-long parade during the festival it sponsors every summer. It's also known to host one of the biggest yard sales in the state during that same festival.

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