O'fallon Historic Museum Baker Montana


Baker is the county seat for Fallon County at the eastern edge of the state. The boom in Baker hit in 1915 when a driller looking for water hit a pocket of natural gas. The well ignited and burned for years, and since that time the oil and gas industry has been an important part of Baker’s economic picture.

Baker began as a camping spot on the Trail, no doubt because there were surface springs in the area, as well as abundant grasses for the livestock. If you look closely, you can still see the wagon ruts of the old trail near town.

Originally called Lorraine, Baker was renamed in 1908 for A.G. Baker, a construction engineer who worked on the Milwaukee Railroad mainline.

Recreational opportunities are plentiful in and around Baker — fishing, hunting, water skiing, golf, tennis, hiking, motocross, and, in the winter, snowmobiling and cross country skiing. Baker Lake and nearby Sandstone Reservoir offer plenty of summer water sports, and fishing for walleye, perch, pike, and crappie are excellent. The O’Fallon Historical Museum is a must-see.


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