Old Gas Stop Terry Montana


Terry is nestled by the Yellowstone River in the heart of agate country and is the county seat of Prairie County, located about halfway between Miles City and Glendive. It was named for General Alfred Terry, who commanded an 1876 expedition against the Indians.

Sheepherding and wool production was an important part of Terry’s early economy. In 1897, the Northern Pacific Railroad built a wool storage house there. Early accounts say that before that, the wool was stored in the schoolhouse and it was impossible to hold classes there when the building was full. In 1906, nearly a million pounds of wool were shipped from Terry, bringing in an estimated $275,000 in revenue.

Today, Prairie County is still an agricultural area with Terry serving as its hub. The Yellowstone River is broad and gentle as it flows through Terry. After high water in July and August, it’s ideal for boating, floating, and fishing. It also offers a treasure-trove of Montana agate. Prairie County has plenty of good hunting and the famed Terry Badlands are an excellent place to hike.


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