Wibaux Montana

Wibaux Ski Festival

One doesn’t expect to find ski festivals in July. You especially don’t expect to find a ski festival in Wibaux. The town has had a three-day ski festival every year since the early 1990s. There isn’t any cross-country or downhill skiing, but there are a lot of Jablonski and Bjoorniski families and other Polish and Norwegian families whose names end with “ski”. This is a celebration of those Wibaux residents who make up a large part of the 500 or so folks who live there.

This is one big family event and includes things like wild cow milking, cattle penning, hide ride (like skijoring on a hide), horse saddling, greased pole climb, and ranch rodeo, just to name a few. There is lots of food, of course including “Polish Hot Dogs”. On Sunday, mass at St. Peter’s Church is livened up with hymns and a polka beat. Sunday the festivities come to a close with a massive horseshoe tournament. The festival is not exclusive even if you are a Smith, Jones, or Olson you can join in the fun.

Wibaux Chamber of Commerce. 796-2412