Mentzer's Ranch Drummond Montana


Drummond, originally the Packers Ranch, was officially named Drummond when the Northern Pacific Railroad completed its east-west line with nearby Drummond Camp. There is some confusion as to where it got its name. Some say was named after Drummond in South Wales. Others say it was taken from the name of the winningest horse in the regular horse races on Main Street. 

It quickly became a shipping point for goods, mine ores, and cattle from Granite County. Though many towns became ghost towns after the mineral boom dwindled, Drummond has sustained growth for over one hundred years. A ranching town from the start, Drummond continues to ship cattle to markets all over the country. The town is known worldwide for the quality of its various registered herds which include Angus, Herefords, and Salers. Hence the nickname “World Famous Bullshippers.” Just north of Drummond is Garnet, considered by many to be one of the best-preserved ghost towns in Montana.

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