Traveler's State Park Lolo Montana


Lolo abounds with history. Referred to as "Travelers Rest" by Lewis & Clark, Lolo is located south of Missoula just east of the Bitterroot Range. Here the Corps of Discovery rested and planned to hunt wild game before crossing the Bitterroots. As the game was scarce, the Corps headed over the mountains and hunted along the way. 

Several times the expedition was forced to kill their colts for food; when no colts remained they went hungry. This portion of the expedition proved to be the harshest the Corps encountered.

The Lolo Pass (elevation 5233-ft.) has well-marked trails for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. When the snow disappears, hiking is available along with parts of the original Lewis & Clark Trail. Take a camera and venture down this "Wild and Scenic River Corridor."


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