Bitterroot Mountain Range

Southwest Montana

The Bitterroot Valley follows the Bitterroot River and sits at the base at the Bitterroot Mountain Range. The valley is sandwiched between the Bitterroots and the Pioneer Mountain Range. The drive through the valley is one of the most scenic drives in Montana. The small mountain town of Hamilton is home to the Daly Mansion and has ample lodging, dining, and shopping opportunities. St. Mary’s Mission in Stevensville was the first permanent white settlement in Montana. The site has been restored and a visit is truly a historical experience.

Towns in Southwest Montana

Avon  |  Conner  |  Corvallis  |  Darby  |  Drummond

Florence  |  Grant  |  Grantsdale  |  Hall  |  Hamilton

Lolo  |  Polaris  |  Rock Creek Area  |  Stevensville

Sula  |  Victor

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