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1. Cedar Creek Campground

 Swan Lake, Flathead Area
Cedar Creek Campground tucked in a beautiful wooded area located in the Swan River State Forest More Info

2. Soup Creek Campground

 Swan Lake, Flathead Area
There are 9 tent sites and 9 trailer sites at the Soup Creek Campground located in the Swan River State Forest.  More Info

3. Flathead Lake State Park - West Shore Unit

 Kalispell, Flathead Area
The park’s glacially carved rock outcrops give spectacular views of Flathead Lake and the Mission and Swan Mountain Ranges. More Info

4. Big Creek Campground

 Columbia Falls, Flathead Area
Located along the North Fork of the Flathead River, this 22 site campground has many sites that overlook the river. More Info

5. Ashley Lake Campground

 Kalispell, Flathead Area
Ashley Lake has 11 campsites, 2 sites on the south side,  5 sites at the north end of the lake, and 4 more near the Boat Launch.  Each has a table and fire ring.  More Info

6. Holland Lake Campground

 Seeley Lake, Flathead Area
There are two loops with a total of 39 sites all are situated on this beautiful picturesque 416-acre Holland Lake. More Info

7. Big Arm State Park Campground

 Big Arm, Flathead Area
This campground is located on the southwest side of the Flathead Lake. There are 40 sites and 3 yurts, most of them on the shoreline. Each site has a table and fire ring. More Info

8. Flathead Lake State Park - Finley Point Unit and Campground

 Polson, Flathead Area
Finley Point is located in a secluded, mature conifer forest near the south end of Flathead Lake. More Info

9. Point Pleasant Campground

 Swan Lake, Flathead Area
There are 12 tent sites and 12 trailer sites at the Point Pleasant Campground located in the Swan River State Forest.  More Info

10. Flathead Lake State Park - Yellow Bay Unit and campground

 Polson, Flathead Area
Located in the heart of Montana’s famous sweet cherry orchards, this park includes a walk-in tent area, Yellow Bay Creek, and a wide, gravelly beach. More Info

11. Beaver Creek Campground

 Martin City, Flathead Area
Beaver Creek Campground is less than 100 feet from the Spotted Bear River.  There are 4 campsites.  More Info

12. Whitefish Lake State Park and Campground

 Whitefish, Flathead Area
This popular, 10-acre park has a mature spruce/fir forest which contributes to the ambiance of the campground and beach. Boating, swimming, and fishing opportunities are abundant. More Info

13. Lindbergh Lake Campground

 Seeley Lake, Flathead Area
There are 11 campsites each with a picnic table and fire ring. More Info

14. Lake Mary Ronan State Park Campground

 Dayton, Flathead Area
Seven miles west of the Flathead Lake is Lake Mary Ronan State Park and campground.  More Info

15. Spotted Bear Campground

 Hungry Horse, Flathead Area
Located near the South Fork of the Flathead River and Spotted Bear Rivers on the south end of the Hungry Horse Reservoir, this pretty campground offers 12 campsites, each with a table and fire ring. More Info

16. Swan Lake Campground

 Swan Lake, Flathead Area
This campground has two loops on the Swan Lake. There are 38 family-sized campsites with picnic tables and fire rings. More Info

17. Wayfarers State Park Campground

 Bigfork, Flathead Area
There are 30 campsites on this northeast shore of the Flathead Lake campground. Beautiful place to watch the sunset. More Info

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