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1. Horse Prairie Cabin

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 Grant, Southwest Montana
The cabin is located on a hillside in a sunny, open prairie on the southern edge of the Beaverhead Mountains. The range straddles the Continental Divide in Montana and Idaho. More Info

2. Bend Guard Station

 Marion, Northwest Montana
The 3,200-foot elevation site has multiple structures and has previously been used as a ranger station for the old Cabinet National Forest, which was divided by the Forest Service in 1954. The original log cabin is on-site and was constructed in 1911 More Info

3. Bull River guard Station

 Noxon, Northwest Montana
The Bull River Guard Station was built in 1908 as the Ranger's house and office. This structure was a primary ranger station from 1908 to 1920, surviving the legendary 1910 fires that swept through the area. More Info

4. Monument Peak Lookout

 Monarch, Central Montana
Looking to stay in an active fire lookout- a room with a view? Monument Peak Lookout is on the top of a mountain and has a spectacular view of the Little Belt Mountains. More Info

5. Judith Guard Station Cabin

 Stanford, Central Montana
Judith Guard Station sits at an elevation of 5,000 feet on the northern banks of the Middle Fork of the Judith River. The region boasts wooded hills topped with Ponderosa Pine, lodgepole pine, and Douglas fir. More Info

6. Meyers Creek Cabin

 Nye, Red Lodge Area
Meyers Creek Cabin is located in the western part of the Beartooth Ranger District. Meyers Creek Cabin is an historic ranger station which has been used by the Forest Service since 1906. More Info

7. Magruder Ranger's House

 Darby, Southwest Montana
The house is located on the Selway River, between the 1.2-million-acre Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness and the 2.3-million-acre Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness areas, at an elevation of about 4,000 feet. More Info

8. Deer Creek Cabin

 Montana, Livingston Area
This remote location provides habitat for a variety of wildlife, including bear, moose, antelope, elk and deer. Many species of birds also inhabit the area. Blackened trees from a 2006 forest fire still line the nearby hillsides. More Info

9. Diamond Butte Lookout Cabin

 Ashland, Southeast Montana
Diamond Butte Lookout is perched atop 30-foot masonry tower to take in the view of the surrounding countryside. The lookout is furnished with a table, chair and 3 beds with mattresses. More Info

10. Cougar Peak Lookout

 Thompson Falls, Northwest Montana
The tower is situated in the Clark Fork River drainage, at an elevation of 6,694 feet, in the Cabinet Mountains of western Montana. It was built in 1952 to replace an existing, older structure dating back to the 1930s. More Info

11. Owl Creek Cabin

 Condon, Flathead Area
The cabin is located in Swan Valley, just south of Holland Lake, at an elevation of 4,200 feet. The building backs up to a stand of mixed conifers, including lodgepole pine and Douglas fir trees. More Info

12. Crystal Lake Cabin

 Lewistown, Central Montana
The cabin sits near the shores of Crystal Lake. The beautiful lake spans 45 acres at an elevation of 5,700 feet. With a maximum depth of 15 feet, the lake seeps fresh water through a porous limestone bottom. The lake generally freezes in the winter. More Info

13. Big Creek Baldy Lookout

 Libby, Northwest Montana
Big Creek Baldy Lookout sits atop its namesake mountain at an elevation of 5,780 feet in the Kootenai National Forest. The lookout has been used as an observation point for spotting forest fires for over 60 years. More Info

14. Mystic Lake Cabin

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area
A recreation rental cabin requiring a hike, mountain bike or horse travel in. Located on the Bozeman Ranger District. Popular recreational hiking area. More Info

15. Dry Wolf Cabin

 Stanford, Central Montana
The cabin is nestled along Dry Wolf Creek at an elevation of 5,600 feet. Dry Wolf Creek is a tributary of the Judith River and flows north for about 40 miles in the Little Belt Mountains. More Info

16. McGuire Mountain Lookout

 Eureka, Northwest Montana
McGuire Mountain Lookout was originally constructed in 1923 and was actively used as an observation point for detecting forest fires for over 20 years before it was abandoned around 1944. More Info

17. Mt. Baldy-Buckhorn Ridge Lookout

 Yaak, Northwest Montana
The Mount Baldy - Buckhorn Ridge Lookout sits at an elevation of 6,529 feet in the Kootenai National Forest. This location has been used as an observation point for detecting forest fires since 1910. More Info

18. Sex Peak Lookout

 Trout Creek, Northwest Montana
Sex Peak Lookout is situated in the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 5,772 feet in the Kootenai National Forest. The original lookout was constructed in the early 1920s and replaced by the current lookout in 1948. More Info

19. Douglas Creek Cabin

 Hall, Southwest Montana
The rustic, remotely located cabin is adjacent to Douglas Creek, in the north end of the Flint Creek Range. It is situated in a grassy meadow, surrounded by mature evergreen trees. The cabin was built in the 1960s. More Info

20. Webb Mountain Lookout

 Eureka, Northwest Montana
Webb Mtn. Lookout sits at an elevation of 5988 feet. The lookout has been used as an observation point for fighting forest fires for over 40 years. More Info

21. Kings Hill Cabin

 Neihart, Central Montana
The cabin sits just 100 yards off the highway in a deep woods setting of Lodgepole pine,at an elevation of 7,600 feet. Showdown Ski Area is to the west. Sheep Creek flows to the south and Belt Creek flows to the north of the Cabin location. More Info

22. East Fork Cabin

 Sula, Southwest Montana
East Fork Cabin offers a visitors a unique chance to camp in the Bitterroot National Forest of southwestern Montana. The cabin takes visitors back to a rustic, old-time setting and provides access to a variety of recreational opportunities. More Info

23. McCart Lookout

 Sula, Southwest Montana
McCart Lookout is a historic L4 lookout located on McCart Peak east of Sula, MT. This lookout has been restored to reflect a lookout of the 1940's. More Info

24. Gem Peak Lookout

 Noxon, Northwest Montana
The Clark Fork River Area is bordered by the Idaho line on the west and the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness on the east. The Clark Fork River flows north and west through the District, and the Bull and Vermilion Rivers join it from the north. More Info

25. Twogood Cabin

 Sula, Southwest Montana
The rustic cabin is situated on Porcupine Creek, in a road-less area of the southern Bitterroot Mountains, at an elevation of about 5,600 feet. It was built in 1952 by Harry Twogood and Clifford Wetzsteon and was used throughout the 1970s. More Info

26. Hunters Cabin

 Harlowton, Central Montana
Hunters Spring provides a serene escape in the mountains of central Montana. It is a prime destination for hunting, snowmobiling and skiing enthusiasts. Access in the winter is by snowmobile, skis or snowshoes only. The road is not plowed. More Info

27. Medicine Point Lookout

 Sula, Southwest Montana
The tower is poised between the east and west forks of the Bitterroot River at an elevation of 8,409 feet. It offers beautiful views of the Bitterroot Mountains, as well as a vista of the southern Bitterroot Valley to the east. More Info

28. Garver Mountain Lookout

 Yaak, Northwest Montana
Garver Mountain Lookout is perched on top of Garver Mountain at an elevation of 5,874 feet. The lookout is located in the Yaak area of the Kootenai National Forest, characterized by its minimal services and rugged beauty. More Info

29. Upper Ford Ranger Statiion Cabin

 Yaak, Northwest Montana
This remote rangers cabin was built in 1926 and was at the heart of the Upper Ford Ranger District until 1942 when it was combined with the Yaak Ranger District and became a remote work center. More Info

30. Minton Peak Lookout

 Trout Creek, Northwest Montana
The lookout sits five feet off the ground and is surrounded by an evergreen forest. It offers panoramic views of the Clark Fork Valley, the Bitterroot Mountains to the west and the Cabinet Range to the east. More Info

31. Whitetail Cabin

 Ashland, Southeast Montana
Whitetail Cabin is a registered historic site and was once used as a ranger station for the Whitetail Reserve in the early 1900's. More Info

32. West Fork Butte Lookout

 Lolo, Southwest Montana
The 14-by-14' lookout is situated on a rocky knob with spectacular views of the surrounding area, including Lolo Peak, the Bitterroot Mountains and the Lolo Creek drainage. The lookout is close to the Montana-Idaho border and Lolo Pass. More Info

33. Wood's Cabin

 Darby, Southwest Montana
We invite you to enjoy a recreational experience at the historic Woods Cabin located on the north shore of Lake Como. Large windows and deck offer an excellent view overlooking the lake and nearby scenic mountain peaks. More Info

34. Yaak Mountain Lookout

 Troy, Northwest Montana
Yaak Mtn. Lookout has been used as an observation point for spotting forest fires since 1958 This lookout offers outstanding views of the town of Troy, especially on the 4th of July, the Kootenai River, and the surrounding area. More Info

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