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1. Alberta Bair Theater

 Billings, Billings Area
Located in the heart of Downtown Billings is the Alberta Bair Theater that is home to the Billings Community Concert Association and the Billings Symphony. More Info

2. Anna Creek Cabin

 Hungry Horse, Glacier Park Area
Anna Creek Cabin is located 30 miles south of the town of Hungry Horse, perched above Hungry Horse Reservoir with sweeping views of the reservoir and the Great Bear Wilderness. Anna Creek Cabin is located 30 miles south of the town of Hungry Horse. More Info

3. Arches of Broadus

 Broadus, Southeast Montana
Arches of Broadus was constructed years ago by several local builders and are a unique feature in town. More Info

4. Hanover (Spring Creek) Trestle

 Lewistown, Central Montana
The trestle is a railroad bridge 78 feet high and 1,391 feet long constructed entirely of milled timber. More Info

5. Adobetown

 Virginia City, Butte Area
Placer riches in Alder Gulch spawned many colorful communities. Among them, Adobetown flourished briefly as the center of mining activity in 1864. In that year alone, miners extracted over $350,000 in gold from nearby streams. More Info

6. Bar Gulch Cabin

 Townsend, Helena Area
Bar Gulch Cabin sits in a grassy, open clearing surrounded by a canopy of mixed-conifer forest. The area around the cabin offers a variety of landscapes. Valley bottoms, dense forests, meadows, and barren ridges with streams, rivers, and lakes. More Info

7. Bannack Historical Marker

 Dillon, Butte Area
The Lewis and Clark Expedition, westward bound, passed here in August 1805. The old mining camp of Bannack is on Grasshopper Creek about twenty miles west of here. More Info

8. Lewistown Art Center

 Lewistown, Central Montana
This eclectic structure is a combination of bits and pieces of old buildings and other items collected from throughout Central Montana. More Info
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

9. Rillway Cabin

 Townsend, Helena Area
Located near a moss-covered canyon wall, with a charming creek splashing through the backyard, Rillway Cabin offers a unique setting in scenic Deep Creek Canyon. More Info

10. Columbus

 Columbus, Red Lodge Area
The town of Columbus is located about 9 miles west of here. More Info

11. James Kipp Recreation Area and Campground

 Malta, Havre Area
Located along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail is the James Kepp Recreation Area and campground. It has 34 campsites, 19 single sites, and 15 group sites. More Info

12. Canyon Ferry Scenic Drive

 Helena, Helena Area
This tour starts in Helena and heads south on Hwy.. 12/287. The wide-open meadows just before you reach Townsend are home to a herd of antelope that is visible practically anytime. More Info

13. Little Cowboy Bar & Museum

 Fromberg, Red Lodge Area
After years serving as a landmark in this sleepy town of Fromberg, the museum and bar burned in 2013. More Info

14. Piney Campground

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
In thick pine woods, this 47 site campground has sites that are adjacent to or overlook the Georgetown Lake. More Info

15. A Carousel for Missoula

 Missoula, Missoula Area
A Carousel for Missoula is located on the Clark Fork River in Caras Park downtown Missoula. It is hand carved by volunteers. The park is built by volunteers as well. More Info

16. Hungry Horse Dam & Reservoir

 Martin City, Flathead Area
The nation’s 10th tallest dam towers over the South Fork of the Flathead River just a few miles from the town of Hungry Horse. More Info
08:30 AM - 05:00 PM

17. Big Spring Trout Hatchery

 Lewistown, Central Montana
This is the state’s largest coldwater production station for several species of trout and kokanee salmon. It is also the site of one of the largest natural springs in the world. More Info

18. Basin Trading Post

 Stanford, Central Montana
The famous White Wolf is on display at this historic stop in downtown Stanford. More Info

19. Lewistown Ghost Town Tour

 Lewistown, Central Montana
Begin by driving east on Hwy.. 87 approximately 12 miles to the Cheadle turnoff and go north approximately 7 miles to the town of Gilt Edge. More Info

20. Bear Mouth Historical Marker

 Drummond, Southwest Montana
Location: West of Drummond Bear Mouth, across the river to the south, was a trading point for the placer camps at Beartown, Garnet, and Coloma located in the hills north of here. More Info

21. Carbon County Museum

 Red Lodge, Red Lodge Area
This new location for the Carbon County Historical Society’s museum is in the renovated 1909 Labor Temple at the north end of downtown Red Lodge. More Info
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

22. Crystal Lake Cabin

 Lewistown, Central Montana
The cabin sits near the shores of Crystal Lake. The beautiful lake spans 45 acres at an elevation of 5,700 feet. With a maximum depth of 15 feet, the lake seeps fresh water through a porous limestone bottom. The lake generally freezes in the winter. More Info

23. South Willson Historic District

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area
The drive on Willson St. from the downtown area of Bozeman south takes you through a residential district featuring houses that range from large mansions to small cottages, all preserved and maintained in the style they were originally constructed. More Info

24. Phillipsburg Bay Campground

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
Adjacent to Georgetown Lake is this 3 loop campground. There are 67 sites. Each with a table and fire ring. More Info

25. Frenchtown Pond State Park (Day Use Only)

 Frenchtown, Missoula Area
Frenchtown Pond State Park is a 41-acre recreational park which contains a spring-fed lake, making this an ideal area for fishing, swimming, and boating. More Info

26. Libby Dam

 Libby, Northwest Montana
Libby Dam spans the Kootenai River 17 miles upstream from the town of Libby in the heart of beautiful northwestern Montana. More Info

27. Prairie Dog Town State Park

 Greycliff, Livingston Area
This 98-acre facility is operated by the Parks Division of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to preserve the black-tailed prairie dog ecosystem for the public’s educational and viewing enjoyment. More Info

28. Fred Robinson Bridge Tour

 Lewistown, Havre Area
The Fred Robinson Bridge over the Missouri River is approximately 70 miles south of Malta on Highway 191. Looking from the bridge you are viewing much of the same scenery that Lewis and Clark viewed when passing through this area. More Info

29. Fort Maginnis Historical Marker

 Lewistown, Central Montana
Fort Maginnis, the last army post created in Montana, was built about 8 miles north of here in 1880. More Info

30. Flathead Lake State Park - Wayfarers Unit

 Bigfork, Flathead Area
Located near the resort town of Bigfork on the northeast shore of Flathead Lake. More Info

31. Eagle Guard Station Cabin

 Townsend, Helena Area
The former Eagle Creek Ranger Station is now available as a rental cabin. The Eagle Creek Cabin was originally built by Richard (Dick) Owen about 1895 as a home for himself, his wife Sarah, and daughter Sadie. More Info

32. Broadwater County Museum & Library

 Townsend, Helena Area
Local history is featured here with exhibits that reflect mining, a dental office, general store, homestead cabin, and rural school, along with fossil and military collections. More Info

33. Goose Bay Campground

 Townsend, Helena Area
Goose Bay Campground is a 93 site campground on Canyon Ferry Lake. All sites with picnic table and fire ring.  More Info

34. Monture Guard Station Cabin

 Ovando, Missoula Area
The cabin is located about 8 miles north of the town of Ovando at an elevation of 4,200 feet. The surrounding forest contains a wide variety of trees, plants and wildlife. More Info

35. Crystal Lake Campground

 Lewistown, Central Montana
Near Crystal Lake is this pack in pack out campground. There are 28 sites each with a table and fire ring. More Info

36. Georgetown Lake

 Anaconda, Butte Area
Georgetown Lake, well-known for its superb fishing and stunning grandeur. More Info

37. Elling Bank

 Virginia City, Butte Area
Bankers Nowland and Weary set up business in this brick-veneered building, one of the town’s oldest stone structures, in 1864. More Info

38. Silos Recreation Area and Campground

 Townsend, Helena Area
Silos Recreation Area and Campground are located on Canyon Ferry Lake. More Info

39. Montana City Old Town

 Libby, Northwest Montana
Revisit Libby’s history by visiting Montana City Old Town. More Info

40. Virginia City

 Virginia City, Butte Area
All of Montana has the deepest pride and affection for Virginia City. No more colorful pioneer mining camp ever existed. More Info

41. Indian Road Campground

 Townsend, Helena Area
There are 32 campsites at Indian Road Campground on Canyon Ferry Lake.  Each site has a fire ring and picnic table. Vault toilets available.  No water. More Info

42. Keystone Mines

 Yaak, Northwest Montana
A good deal of gold was produced here although it was never a major strike. More Info

43. Fort Peck Theatre

 Fort Peck, Northeast Montana
The small town of Fort Peck nestled alongside the Fort Peck Dam is the last place you’d expect to find a summer stock theater. More Info

44. Spring Creek Tour

 Lewistown, Central Montana
From Lewistown drive 4.5 miles south on MT 238 to MT 466. Go right and drive two miles. More Info

45. Junction

 Custer, Billings Area
The frontier town of Junction was just across the Yellowstone River. More Info

46. Nevada City

 Nevada City, Butte Area
A ghost town now, but once one of the hell roarin’ mining camps that lined Alder Gulch in the 1860s. More Info

47. Metropolitan Meat Market

 Virginia City, Butte Area
George Gohn was one of the first to arrive at Alder Gulch in 1863 where he and Conrad Kohrs set up a meat market in a log cabin. More Info

48. Lodgepole Campground

 Philipsburg, Butte Area
AT 6,420ft elevation, this 30 site campground is across from Georgetown Lake. More Info

49. Swan River National Wildlife Reserve

 Bigfork, Flathead Area
The Swan River National Wildlife Refuge is located in northwest Montana, 32 miles southeast of the town of Creston, in the serene and picturesque Swan Valley Mountain Range. More Info

50. Thompson Guard Station

 Townsend, Helena Area
Located on the east side of the Big Belt Mountains, this cabin presents a wonderful getaway. A fairly large two-room cabin with a deck greets visitors and offers plenty of room. Located on the east side of the Big Belt Mountains, this cabin presents More Info

51. Central Montana Historical Association Museum

 Lewistown, Central Montana
The museum contains history from Lewistown’s early history as a trading post during the homestead era. More Info

52. Last Chance Gulch

 Helena, Helena Area
The downtown area of Helena is a virtual outdoor museum. It was here that Helena was born when gold was discovered on July 14, 1864. More Info

53. Pintlar Scenic Drive

 Anaconda, Butte Area
This highway forms a loop that takes you over high mountain passes to the towns of Anaconda, Philipsburg, and Drummond. More Info

54. Fort Maginnis Scenic Drive

 Lewistown, Central Montana
Begin by driving east from Lewistown on Hwy.. 87 approximately 12 miles to the Cheadle turnoff and go north. Head toward the ghost town of Gilt Edge and follow the signs to the Fort. More Info

55. Pfouts & Russel (Rank's Drug-Old Masonic Temple)

 Virginia City, Butte Area
Paris Pfouts, Vigilante president, and Virginia City’s first mayor was instrumental in laying out the town. More Info

56. Ingomar Public School Historical Marker

 Ingomar, Central Montana
As hundreds of farmers and ranchers homesteaded the arid, treeless plains of northwestern Rosebud County, the townsite of Ingomar was platted along the tracks of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway in 1912. More Info

57. Jackson Hot Springs

 Jackson, Southwest Montana
The springs provide water for the entire town of Jackson in the Big Hole Valley. The privately-owned Jackson Hot Springs Lodge is open year-round for soaks in the Big Hole Valley. Admission is charged. More Info
08:00 AM - 10:00 PM

58. Mondak Heritage Center

 Sidney, Northeast Montana
This is a history museum and a regional art center. It includes an extensive historical library. A wide, curving staircase delivers you to a complete “town” that has been re-created and furnished down to the last detail with artifacts. More Info
10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

59. Greening Bank Historical Marker

 Ingomar, Central Montana
Completion of the ‘’Milwaukee Road” brought hundreds of homesteaders to Ingomar during the 1910s. By 1914, wood-frame homes and a small commercial district proclaimed the town a permanent settlement. More Info

60. Marcus Daly Mansion

 Hamilton, Southwest Montana
Marcus Daly, an Irish immigrant, made his fortune in the mines of Butte and founded the Anaconda Mining Company. One of Montana’s colorful “Copper Kings” he established the towns of Anaconda, with his smelter, and Hamilton, with his lumber industry. More Info

61. White Earth Recreation Area and Campground

 Townsend, Helena Area
White Earth Campground is located on Canyon Ferry Reservoir.  More Info

62. Lewistown Historical Marker

 Lewistown, Central Montana
This area, the final hunting ground for Montana Indians, was the site of battles fought over the buffalo. More Info

63. Dupuyer

 Dupuyer, Great Falls Area
Dupuyer, a colorful frontier cattle town, and 1880s stop on the Fort Shaw-Fort Macleod Trail, is the oldest town between Fort Benton and the Rocky Mountains. More Info

64. Glacier County Historical Museum

 Cut Bank, Great Falls Area
Many fascinating exhibitions about the life of the Blackfeet Indians, the oil business, and the history of the white settlers include farming, town life, oil production, and homestead-era railroads. More Info

65. The Twin Bridges of Fairview & Snowden

 Fairview, Northeast Montana
One of the oddities of Fairview is the pair of bridges just outside of town. More Info

66. Northwest Montana Historical Society & Museum at Central School

 Kalispell, Flathead Area
The Museum at Central School - located in the magnificent Central School Building at 124 Second Avenue East in downtown Kalispell, just minutes from the Conrad Mansion and Hockaday Museum of Art. More Info

67. Ousel Falls Park

 Big Sky, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area
Ousel Falls trailhead is located 2 miles from Big Sky's Town Center. It is a beautiful lush trail that is well maintained and stroller friendly. It is a 1.8-mile round trip hike that takes about an hour. More Info

68. Maiden's Gold Historical Marker

 Lewistown, Central Montana
The old mining camp of Maiden, now a ghost town, is located about 10 miles east of here. More Info

69. Downtown Anaconda

 Anaconda, Butte Area
Seattle-based theater architect B. Marcus Pinteca (890-1971) drew the plans for this remarkable structure in 1930. More Info

70. Park City

 Park City, Red Lodge Area
The town of Park City is located about seven miles east of here. In 1882, a colony from Ripon, Wisconsin, making the trip in the prairie schooners, settled in this region. More Info

71. The City of Murals Whitehall Montana

 Whitehall, Butte Area
When you enter the small community of Whitehall, your attention is immediately drawn to a giant mural on the side of a building at the junction of the two main streets in the town. More Info

72. Skidway Campground

 Townsend, Helena Area
There are 12 sites on 2 loops along ridges among Douglas fir and Aspen trees. More Info

73. The Judith Basin Country Historical Marker

 Lewistown, Central Montana
The first white man to explore this district was Hugh Monroe, called “Rising Wolf” by the Blackfeet Indians. More Info

74. Yaak Mountain Lookout

 Troy, Northwest Montana
Yaak Mtn. Lookout has been used as an observation point for spotting forest fires since 1958 This lookout offers outstanding views of the town of Troy, especially on the 4th of July, the Kootenai River, and the surrounding area. More Info

75. Beehive Basin Brewery

 Big Sky, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area

76. Big Spring Brewing

Located in Central Montana

 Lewistown, Central Montana

77. Yesterday's Cafe

 Montana, Butte Area
What do you do with an old school building in a virtual ghost town on an interstate exit? You could turn it into a cafe. That’s what Ken Berthelson did. More Info

78. 4 Aces Casino & Restaurant

 Lewistown, Central Montana

79. Bozeman Co-op Downtown

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area

80. Knife Downtown

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area

81. The Story of the Miraculous Statue Historical Marker

 Hays, Havre Area
In the little Swiss town of Einsiedeln lived an aged and holy wood-carver who had great devotion to the Blessed Mother of God. More Info

82. Lotus Pad

 Gallatin Gateway, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area

83. Stumptown Marketplace

 Whitefish, Flathead Area

84. Independence Ghost Town

 Big Timber, Livingston Area
It’s a little challenging to get to the mine shafts, cabins, and brothels that still stand here. You might even see an occasional moose, elk, deer, or grizzly bear. More Info

85. The Wilson Hotel Residence Inn by Marriott Big Sky

 Gallatin Gateway, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area

86. Midtown Tavern

 Bozeman, Bozeman Area

87. Town Talk Bakery Inc.

 Butte, Butte Area

88. Castle Ghost Town

 Castle Town, Central Montana
The town tucked away under the Castle Mountains started in 1882, and mushroomed as a silver camp during the next few years. More Info

89. Old Town Cafe

 West Yellowstone, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area

90. Pioneer Ghost Town and Museum

 Scobey, Northeast Montana
Pioneer was built in 1862 before the Gold Creek placers were abandoned for the big strike in Bannack. More Info

91. Yellowstone National Park Via Virginia City Scenic Drive

 Virginia City, Butte Area
Leave Dillon on Hwy 41 and travel 28 miles to Twin Bridges. In Twin Bridges turn right on Hwy 287 heading southeast 30 miles to Nevada City and Virginia City. Stop and enjoy both of these towns reminiscent of frontier days in Montana… More Info

92. The Town Haul Diner

 Harrison, Bozeman Area

93. Chinatown Restaurant

 West Yellowstone, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area

94. Blue Nugget Bar

 Lewistown, Central Montana

95. Peaks to Plains Museum

 Red Lodge, Red Lodge Area
This new location for the Carbon County Historical Society’s museum is in the renovated 1909 Labor Temple at the north end of downtown Red Lodge. More Info

96. A&W Restaurant Lewistown

 Lewistown, Central Montana

97. Toast

 Gallatin Gateway, Big Sky/Yellowstone Area

98. Brooks Market

 Lewistown, Central Montana