The Yellowstone River - Historical Marker

The Yellowstone River - Historical Marker

Fallon 59326,Southeast Montana

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Interstate 90 generally follows the Yellowstone River from Glendive to Livingston, Montana. This river originates south of Yellowstone National Park and terminates when it joins the Missouri River north of here. It is the longest undammed river in the lower 48 states.

When the West was won, most rivers were lost to damming and dewatering. This river is the exception; it remains wet, wild and damfree over its entire length. The Yellowstone flows free for over 650 miles, draining a watershed greater in area than all of the New England states combined.

In the 1970s Montanans held a great debate over this mighty river’s future. When the dust settled, the state reserved a substantial amount of water to remain instream so that the Yellowstone might never be depleted and might forever remain free-flowing.

Other uses of the river—municipal, agricultural and industrial—are also provided for. Today, this waterway is in balance with all its users, including nature’s creatures. Few American rivers can still make that claim

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