Terry Badlands Wilderness Study Area

Terry Badlands Wilderness Study Area

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Experience enchanting views of banded, colorful cliffs that overlook a vast rolling prairie. The area is divided by deep gullies that have taken thousands of years to form from water and wind erosion. See spires, pinnacles, buttes, scoria escarpments, tabletops, and sandstone bridges all carved from soft marine and non-marine sedimentary rock which has been shaped and molded over the eons by water and wind. Grass-covered rolling benches exhibit sage, greasewood, yucca, juniper, and an abundance of wildflowers in season. Here you may stumble across petrified logs as you catch occasional sightings of wildlife including raptors and reptiles, pronghorn, whitetail and mule deer, elk, and badgers. More recent historical evidence includes U.S. Army troop's graffiti on Sheridan Butte dating back to the 1800s. Activities here include hiking, hunting, fossil and rock collecting, camping, and experiencing the spectacular scenery of the badlands.

The WSA is located approximately three miles northwest of Terry along the Big Sky Backcountry Byway (Hwy 253) where you will turn left on a gravel road just north of the Yellowstone River. Two vehicle trails give you access to the area. The first is

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